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Technology Equipment

Our computer equipment is the heart and soul of Technology Bridge.  Without computers none of the other sub-programs could exist such as Computer Training, and Public Computer Centers (PCC).   For this reason it is very important that we create and maintain working relationships with sourcing partners that allow us to obtain end-of-life equipment like personal computers, printers, monitors, software via low-cost bulk purchasing or through donation.

Over 90% of the computers that we use for Technology Bridge has had previous owners, typically from corporate settings.  By choosing this route we are able to recycle and refurbish thousands of computers and peripherals that were destined for landfills or scrap metal.

Over the years companies such as AT&T and GTECH Corporation and, organizations like the Alliance for Global Education and Leadership as well as Generation's Knowledge & Care Centers have all been instrumental in the success of our program.

Our Refurbishing Process
As equipment is received and processed into our facilities each item goes through the following:

  • Inspection     Equipment is inspected and filtered into categories that will determine its usage.
  • Repair           Task such as replacing power supplies, hard drives, or optical drives occurs frequently.  
  • Upgrading     Memory and hard disk upgrades is only done when such actions are deemed necessary.
  • Software       Our base imaged is installed which includes the O/S, Office Automation, and Anti-Virus.
  • Tested           Each piece of equipment is bench tested for performance and reliability before shipping.
  • Cleaned         This step is strictly cosmetic each item undergoes cleaning, interior dusting and painting if necessary. 
  • Packaged       Items are safely and properly packaged accordingly to quantity, content, and destination.

Become a Technology Bridge partner, it's easy and beneficial to your organization.  Our certified partners enjoy:

  • Tax Advantages
  • Brand Marketing
  • Public Relations Leverage
  • Participating in our Nations “Green” Initiative
  • The Joy of Giving to a Wonderful Cause


Does your company or organization have end-of-life or unwanted used equipment that's in good condition?
If so, consider partnering with us and make a global difference


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