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Asset Management

Businesses should take IT Asset Life Cycle Management seriously; doing so will save the organization money, time, and frustration over the projected life cycle of a piece of equipment.

Here are few reasons why the matter of IT asset management should be taken seriously:

  • Reduce the level of asset theft / loss
  • Reduce stock piling of equipment
  • Eliminate random purchases
  • Take advantage of corporate purchasing agreements
  • Avoid lease penalties for non-return of equipment
  • Get a handle of the vast array of different configurations that are in production
  • Ensure software license compliance
  • Restrict software deployment to those that actually need it
  • Begin to leverage underutilized warranties
  • Make better repair versus replace decisions
  • Improve the accuracy of asset/component failure predictions
  • Improve the utilization of high value assets and equipment
  • Improve asset reliability
  • Extend the useful life of their I.T. assets
  • Safe and responsible disposal of I.T. assets