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Off-Site Data Vaulting

The process of sending data offsite to a secure and managed facility, where it can be protected from hardware & software failures, theft, mother nature, and other threats. 

At Computer Minded realize that electronic data is one of your company’s most valuable asset and must be protected properly.  We all have had that experience where we have lost data either from a simple  accidental delete or a full scale disaster.

 Several companies now provide Web backup services that will compress, encrypt, and periodically transmit a  customer's data to a remote vault. In most cases the vaults will feature  auxiliary power supplies, powerful computers, and manned security. Also referred  to as a remote backup service (RBS).

With the constant increase in network attacks and the ever present threat of  hardware failure, a companies data is one of its most valuable assets and must  be protected. Data Vaulting is the process of sending your valuable data off-site either through remote “Cloud Based” solutions or physically storing your tapes, CD’s or DVD’s in a secured and managed environment.  

Data Vaulting is  the solution.