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    Empowerment Through Technology™




Transforming Communities, Villages, and Municipalities through Technology

Bridge ®

Imagine a world in which people young and old could have access to all the knowledge in the world at their finger tips. Regardless of the limitations placed upon them by geographical location, socioeconomic status and, whether they reside in a hut or housing project.  Imagine, also, that you had a small hand in making that world of knowledge and possibilities become reality.

How, you say? A new intitiative has been developed by Computer Minded Corporation (CMC)  titled... “Technology Bridge” , and it presents the opportunity to recycle and reuse the computers your organization have decided to replace due to upgrades or performance issues.MP900400338[1]

Technology Bridge is a partnership of public and private entities that have joined together in an alliance to empower children, seniors, veterans, aspiring business owners, and healthcare interests throughout the world with the key to knowledge through technology by providing refurbished computers, training, and life skills modules to their communities.

Today, our alliance is asking for you to join our effort and become the empowering catalyst to make the knowledge of the world available to thousands of people and communities who have no other option.

Your commitment will:

    • Support programs such as distance learning, life skills, dept. of Justice re-entry programs, senior education, youth education, workforce development, and healthcare
    • Support our nations’ “Green Initiative” via the recycling and re-use of “End of Life” technology products
    • Support the setup and installation public computer centers throughout the country and abroad via the federal government broadband initiative program and other funding sources


CMC requests and solicit your support in the identification and donation of surplus, “End of Life” technology equipment in your business or organization.  Donors will be formally recognized during meetings, conferences, media days and on our website expressing their corporate social responsibility, good will, and humanitarian efforts to close the computer and internet participation gap deemed “The Digital Divide” nationally and globally.

All donations are tax-deductible because of the alliances we have with 501(c)(3) partners, but most iMP900400323[1]mportantly it will be used to help enrich the lives of individuals and communities all over the world.


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