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    Empowerment Through Technology™




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Transforming Communities, Villages, and Municipalities through Technology


At Technology Bridge we feel that training on the proper use of equipment is almost as important as the equipment itself. 

Studies have shown that those individuals who are properly trained on how to utilize a computer and all of the many advantages that it brings tend to use their computer eighty-one percent (81%) of the time.  While those who do not receive proper training will use their computer just thirty-three percent (33%) of the time, and when they do it’s usually to play games or go on social media sites. 

We offer training in the following areas:

  • PC Basics (PC 101)
  • Office Automation Software
  • Securing Your System (backups, anti-virus, malware)

They are all intended to get you familiar and comfortable with using and protecting your PC and its peripherals.  For more intense training on the different ways in which you can make your computer work for you please visit our Program Modules  page.