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    Empowerment Through Technology™




Bridge ®

Transforming Communities, Villages, and Municipalities through Technology

Program Modules

Technology Bridge has put together a group of specialized modules that are made available either through training seminars or applied methodology.  Each will enhance and enrich the transformation efforts of your organization, community, village, or municipality. This is truly what sets us apart from our competitors.

Program Modules cover a variety of topics and are designed with you in mind.  First, lets agree that today almost every facet of our lives are touched by some form of technology.  From electronic medical records to entertainment, and from online bill pay to education, technology is ever present. 

This was the premise for the development of Technology Bridge.  We are more than just an organization that supplies refurbished technology equipment we also assist in providing solutions for living.  Our Program Modules are interchangeable and at your discretion, but like life itself our modules are deeply influenced by technology.   Which is the reason why our technology equipment and services are so important to the success of our program - - they serve as the foundation for the program and each and every one of our Program Modules require the use of computers.

Available Program Modules

Workforce Development

  - Job Training
  - Interviewing Skills
  - Resume Writing
  - Job Placement

Prisoner Re-Entry Program (PREP)

 - Re-Integration Services
 - Recidivism Prevention
 - Mind Renewal
 - Employment Assistance


     - Distance Learning
      - Adult Education
     -  Early Childhood Development
     - Intranet Learning Topics


 - Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Life Skills

   - Budgeting
   - Online Investing Strategies
   - Relationship Management
  -  Character Building

Human Capital Development

   - Entrepreneurial Training
    - Renewing of the Mind