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Digital & Magnetic Media Replication

The replication of data on a CD or DVD for mass distribution is a professional process that creates an image of the disk by molding the it to be an exact copy of the original master.  Data on the disk cannot be added or changed when replication occurred.

On the other hand, duplication refers to burning data to a disk as done in home computing. Duplicating CD’s for personal use is inexpensive and convenient, making it the better choice for low volume needs.

However, there are instances when replication is the better choice.  For example, if you have mastered a CD of original music and would like to make 500 copies or more to send out as promotional material to national radio stations, music labels, and talent scouts; replication would be more cost effective and will ensure durable, reliable copies of the highest standards

We provide replication services for the following media::

    Digital Media Format:  CD’s, DVD’s

    Magnetic Media:         Hard Disk Drives, Tape Cartridges, Diskettes 

Our process is fast, affordable, and dependable.  Our state-of-the-art equipment and software produces an environment which allows precise copying of  “master images” to the awaiting blank media.

This service is a favorite among:

  • Small software vendors
  • Government agencies
  • Government contractors

Outsourcing  this service to an experienced and reliable vendor such as Computer Minded will ensure that your files will be replicated correctly and efficiently.